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We Help Brands Gain a Competitive Edge in their Business World.

Our expertise link solutions to problems and pain points that brands come across.

We are an Unconventional Strategy, Media, and Communication company.

We combine consultative creativity and media along with our passion to achieve meaningful change.


Our Expertise

Our strategic thinking allows us to create campaigns that align with the business objectives of our clients, whether they are to add more values to their brands or looking to create innovative ways of engaging with their audience.

Diversity allows for multiple ways of approaching problem solving, by providing a range of ideas that can increase the likelihood of success.

Moving Companies Forward With CREATIVE Strategies

At iDEN, a collaboration and fusion of ideas, listening to your needs, and identifying solutions to optimize your brand presence is part of our DNA.

Upcoming Events

The Thomith Show S4

The Thomith Show is a weekly conversational show starring Mr. Thomith Chin and Special Guest Speakers with live audience discussing a variety of topics linked to each guest’s stories, focusing on their Passion, Knowledge, Courage.

facebook cover thomith show new 3.png
facebook cover thomith show new 3.png

Women’s Leadership Conference

WLC equips women leaders with actionable strategies to overcome the challenges they often face in the workplace. This leadership conference accelerates the advancement of women leaders across all levels, industries, and roles while providing career-changing networking opportunities and scalable impact for organizations embracing gender equity.



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