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Content Creator

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Full Time

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  • Research industry-related topics

  • Prepare well-structured drafts using digital publishing platforms

  • Create and distribute marketing copy advertising agency and clients’ products and services

  • Interview industry professionals and incorporate their views in posts

  • Write, edit, and proofread written content before publication

  • Conduct keyword research and use SEO guidelines to optimize content

  • Promote content on social networks and monitor engagement (e.g. comments and shares)

  • Identify customers’ and clients’ needs and recommend new topics

  • Coordinate with marketing, design, and production teams to illustrate articles, produce videos, and write captions ready for posting.

  • Measure web traffic to content (e.g. conversion and bounce rates)

  • Update our websites as needed

  • Develop content aligned with the vision of the Creative Direction and the budget estimation.

Skills and requirements

  • Experience as a content creator in prior roles creating strong and engaging content

  • Proficiency with content management systems and analytics softwares

  • Excellent writing, proofreading and communication skills

  • Detail oriented work style with good time management and organizational skills

  • Excellent verbal communication skills

  • Skills to get into the details, proofread and edit content before publishing

  • Goal oriented and customer oriented

  • Multi-project management skills, adhering to timelines and performing under pressure to achieve the targets

  • Ability to communicate the message in simple and beautiful language which will attract audience

  • Ability to attention to detail along with a creative mind

  • Developed team working skills to collaborate with various departments and work in alignment with them

  • Ability to maintain consistency in their content writing

  • Ability to understand and cater to the needs of customers and discover the potential markets for the company

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