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Strategy is at the core of a great campaign, digital or traditional. We provide unconventional and result-proven strategies that break traditional marketing conventions


We help your brand achieve its goals by developing strategic and operational plans. Our planning maps long-term ambitions to objectives and actionable steps, foster innovative thinking in tandem with changing market trends, and foresee and mitigate potential pitfalls.

Brand positioning

Brand positioning refers to how you want your brand to be perceived in the minds of consumers and competitors. With our assistance, we establish a distinct impression so that consumers associate a unique and desirable image with your brand, distinguishing it from your competitors.

User profiles / consumer insights

We apply our findings from customer segmentation to provide a comprehensive how-to guide for reaching a brand's ideal customers. We utilize user profiles to provide insight into user behavior, and develop effective strategies that will help your brand and your customers have powerful interactions.

Brand attributes

Brand Attributes are a brand's characteristics and core values; they are how consumers perceive a brand. At iDEN, we portray impactful brand attributes by resonating with your consumers and produce clear and consistent brand communications by being unconventional, emotional, and rational.

Brand audit

We conduct an analytical evaluation of a brand's current market position in comparison to its competitors, and provide an accurate assessment of your brand's current strengths and weaknesses to map out effective solutions for ideal growth.

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