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The Better Cambodia 

In a world where negative news often overshadows the positive, The Better Cambodia stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to showcasing the brighter side of this vibrant nation. Our mission is not to become a unicorn business, but rather to create a genuine impact by altering the false negative narrative that has been perpetuated about Cambodia.

its visual identity to reflect its new ambitions and take into  and Tourism.



Visual identity

In an ever-changing landscape, The Better Cambodia looked account its newly formed business branches of Media, 


Website mockup for desktop and mobile mode

iDEN approached this rebrand by transforming the perception felt from the previous identity into a reinvention of the brand's core identity.

Marketing Material

Our goal was to craft a visual identity that resonates with the essence of The Better Cambodia, fostering thriving business relationships and steping away from the previous feeling of looking like an NGO.

Business Identity Name Card Mockup.png

Company Profile Brochure

The rebranding effort, in addition to the new logo included a revamp of The Better Cambodia's marketing assets such as its business card and its company profile brochure. These platforms were transformed to convey the new brand identity effectively, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence across all mediums.

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